• Title Theme (The Title theme is looped throughout the song and the sound effect for the gun shot is played repeatedly over it.)



(Title Theme)

You rap like a cracker anyway.

You know I'm gonna get it right this time, motherfucker! (Dog Barks)

I'm bringin' home dinner, better warn the Miss.
I got my trusty dog sidekick to fetch them shits.
That gigglin' little bastard's got me stressin' tonight.
But I hate bein' laughed at, so my aim's on tight.
I got a, (Dog Barks) straight-shooter that I keep by my side.
Three bullets in the chamber, like I need it..
Yeah right!
Tell Brandon Lackey "get the grill ignited".
Because the whole damn neighborhood's gettin' excited, yeah!
Quack quack boom, bringin' nothin' but doom. (Dog Laughs)
When the ducks fly up I'm clearin' the room.
My phat mad skills'll have you holdin' your breath.
I'll have three duck burgers with a side of death, please!
I wanna kill that motherfuckin' dog. (Dog Laughs)
But every time I go to shoot, the safety is on!
One of these days I'll give you somethin' to laugh about!
Duck Hunt, baby. what a pain in the ass, I'm out.
You (Dog Barks) rap like a cracker, leave my doggy alone.
You're just jealous I got more ducks than you to bring home!
I just sit back, waitin' for 'em to get in position.
Ducks drop from my motherfuckin' ammunition.
No bitchin' (Dog Barks) and whinin' when I miss one, punk.
I got two more in the chamber straight ready to bust.
Tell Brandon Lackey he needs to finish this track.
Because I'm gonna eat dinner and take a nap, yeah.
Duane Zuwala, shootin' like a girl! (Dog Laughs)
Step aside, Sally let me give it a whirl.
I got the mirror in my hand with my back to the screen.
Shootin' without even lookin' like nothin' you've ever seen before
I make it look easy droppin' ducks left and right. (Dog Laughs)
I could do this all night, but I'm at level 99.
So I'mma fire up that grill and we're just gonna pretend;
That it's duck that we're grillin' up instead of man's best friend!
(Dog Barks/Laughs, Shot Fired)


The Adventures Of Duane & BrandO - Duck Hunt (EP of Doom)

The Adventures Of Duane & BrandO - Duck Hunt (EP of Doom)

EP of Doom version

The Adventures of Duane and BrandO - Duck Hunt (LP of Devastation

The Adventures of Duane and BrandO - Duck Hunt (LP of Devastation

LP of Devastation version